Our Little Planet (2008)

As a child in Texas in the 1960's, apart from being drawn to the Mexican music pouring out of our family's kitchen radio, I was also captivated by television's country music shows with entertainers like Tennessee Ernie Ford singing simple but heartfelt lyrics and sweet harmony. Later, in the 1980's, with a music career in progress, I had another encounter with country, when I found employment as a demo singer for a Nashville publishing company while also trying my own hand at songwriting.

In recent months, I began to feel a longing to recapture some of those country sounds that had touched my heart years ago, and I wrote a few songs to satisfy this feeling. As fate would have it, I found unfinished songs from several Nashville chapters of my life. I enthusiastically completed and polished some of these up to introduce them to the new songs that would accompany them on this recording. I hope you will enjoy listening to it.