A Heart Wide Open (2005)

There are certain songs I wrote over the years that seemed to have shied away from the spotlight. Some made it as far as record production discussions, experimental demos, arrangements and re-arrangements, records came and went and these songs would rise, then quietly retreat into their respective places in my heart. What I felt these pieces needed was the company of the right songs that would compliment, contrast, and invite them to find their place in the world outside of my heart and my head.
In 2002, I began a mission to fill in the missing components. In 2004, I felt this garden had blossomed. Together, the brand new and the already existing songs painted the many colors of my life's landscape: love's light and dark shades from intimate to cosmic, and lessons learned on war, struggle and peace through my own family's stories. I framed theses with musical sounds I have loved: jangly 60's electric guitar, laid-back country, a little jazz, rhythmic latin and even reggae.

I was helped greatly with the musical and production talents of Marvin Dykhuis and Glenn Kawamoto, of long admired artists and friends: Flaco Jimemez, Ray Benson, Michael Hearne from New Mexico (guitar solo on “Lock and Chain”), and Cindy Cashdollar. Also with contributions by many of Austin's legendary stage and studio cast: Chip Dolan on keyboards and accordion, Marty Muse on pedal steel guitar, Javier Chaparro on violin, Chris Searles and Rafael Gayol on drums, and with additional touches by Eddy Hobizal on piano, Arturo Garza, and Phill Bass on percussion. This project was completed with the colorfully aestetic design by Lance Shriner and the multi-dimensionally talented Sara Hickman.
It was so exciting to see this music evolve into “A Heart Wide Open”. I'm so delighted with this recording – I hope you like it too.