Homeland (1989)

1987-88 saw the birth of a beautiful girl and Craig finished his 1st year of law school at UNM in Albuquerque.

Thanks to my sister's guest room, and Craig's already well honed negotiating ability getting him into U.T. law school(gracias a dios y Dean Aleman), we found ourselves in Austin. The excitement, uncertainty, and exhaustion of the move must have pressed on a creativity button. It was during this period that I wrote, to use a Marvin Dykhuis phrase, “A butt-load” of songs. These songs helped get me signed to my first major label deal with A & M Records, thanks to the persistence of Patrick Clifford, rocker-come-culturesurfer. But just as important, they introduced me to what have become an intimate circle of friendships and support whose talents and company continue to be an intricate part of my world, namely Marvin Dykhuis and Rose Reyes.