Aquella Noche (1991)

John Kunz and Heinz Geisler's new-ish venture, Watermelon Records offered me a creative outlet for some welled up ideas. Craig finished law school that spring. We threw him a great surprise party at Las Manitas Cafe. Aquella Noche was recorded through 3 impromptu nights at Waterloo Ice House. Celebrating “Cinco de Mayo” (one of Mexico's two independence days) by featuring an evening of all Mexican songs was something we'd started a couple of years before. On this occasion, I actually called up John at his record store, Waterloo Records, Austin's perinnial fave, a day or two before the show, and asked him what he thought about recording the show in a record-quality way. He offered to back it personally or do it on the label he co-owns–Watermelon. John had done a similar favor for me a few months before on my impromptu holdiay record (see first Memorabilia Navidena). This quick project gave me a chance to record songs that weren't necessarily part of my regular performances, but certainly, pieces of my life.