Tish Note - Summer 2019

Hey Friends,

I have some exciting shows coming up that I want to tell you about, however, I want to mention a few words about my summer travels first. At my last newsletter in May, I was about to embark on a month-long tour in Europe. I had not been there in a few years so I wasn't all sure of how attendance and reception would be. Luckily, any nerves or trepidation I had about re-visiting quickly evaporated. From Ireland and UK, to Holland, Italy, Germany, and Sweden, we were met with enthusiasm and friendliness. Yes, the travel part can get tedious and a little stressful at times, but overall the tour went quite smoothly. The fun part of reconnecting with old friends and making new ones made up for any frustration of missing a train, or having a hotel get our reservation wrong. I love Europe and want to send big hugs and thanks to all of the special friends and venues that helped make this tour a success.

Watch the video slideshow from my time in Paestum, Italy while on my recent European tour. Featuring “West”

Returning to Austin was quite special in that my lovely daughter and son-in-law were expecting a baby and I was thrilled to be around to help with preparation and arrival of my first baby grand-daughter. Pollyanna Maria arrived in early August, and all us grand-parents are in in love with this beautiful addition to our families.

So, back to the music ...Texicana Mamas (Stephanie Urbina-Jones, Patricia Vonne and myself) have some interesting and exciting shows coming up:


September 12 - We'll be in Nashville at The Bluebird Cafe, returning to the place where Texicana Mamas was born, along with our compadre, hit songwriter James Slater, of whom it could be easily said is the Godfather of our trio!

Get Tickets to Texicana Mamas at The Bluebird Cafe - 9/12/2019

September 14 - We'll be recording new originals and other surprises at Nashville's Imagine Recording Sessions. Tickets are available at Imagine Sessions. This is a hands on full recording session with wonderful seasoned session players backing us up. Audience members get to take home a demo recording of the session. Get your tickets pronto!

Get Tickets to Texicana Mamas at Imagine Recording Sessions - 9/14/2019

September 26 - We are in Houston, TX for a show at The Mucky Duck.

Get Tickets to Texicana Mamas at The Mucky Duck - 9/26/2019

September 28 - We are in San Antonio, TX at The Tobin Center (Carlos Alvarez Theater).

Get Tickets to Texicana Mamas at The Tobin Center - 9/28/2019

September 29 - We are in Austin, TX at The One World Theatre.

Get Tickets to Texicana Mamas at The One World Theatre - 9/29/2019

In all of these shows we are supported by some of Austins finest musicians - Marvin Dykhuis on electric and acoustic lead guitar, Chip Dolan on piano and accordion, Patterson Barrett on rhythm acoustic guitar, and David Perales on violin.

Please get your tickets soon and come share in the fun, beautiful and spicy Latina cultural celebration of the Texicana Mamas! I am honored to be a part of this original trio that celebrates the significant history, stories, songs, and rhythms of our deep, beautiful, Latino culture. We need a lot more cultural and diverse celebration in our country these days. I think you'll love this show!

Check out the Texicana Mamas website and on Facebook!

Texicana Mamas - Official Site

Texicana Mamas - Facebook

Thanks always for your continued support! I hope to see you soon!