West Review - Real Roots Cafe

"San Antonio-born Tish Hinojosa, born of Mexican parents, entered the Americana world in 1989 with the unsurpassed 'Homeland' with their own songs, sung in both English and Spanish. The production was in the hands of Steve Berlin and in the accompaniment we hear Marvin Dykhuis (then Marvin Denton - his second name) on guitar and background vocals and Gene Elsewhere (Dutch roots!) On fiddle and Flaco Jimenez on accordion. After a series of beautiful and sometimes excellent CDs, with her sixteenth CD, 'West', a beautiful new work has appeared with Marvin Dykhuis and Gene Elsewhere in the accompanying ranks. Her penultimate CD with her own songs ('After the Fair') dates back to 2013, there was talk of illness and writer's block, but with renewed energy Tish recently wrote six songs, in addition a song with son Adam and one with Marvin and keyboardist / accordionist Chip Dolan (except as a decider of Tish we know him as a supervisor of Sam Baker and Jimmy Lafave on tours in our country). The five covers are from Tim Henderson (a jewel, this 'Maria Consuela Arroyo', once also put on the record by Tompall Glaser and his Brothers, this version is many times nicer), from Lafave ('Only One Angel'), Michael Martin Murphey ('What am I Doing Hanging Around', a cheerful country tune with beautiful vocals by Marvin and Tish) and a new song by Dolan, the beautiful 'Cryin' Out Loud 'and there is an evergreen present, the Spanish-speaking' Perfidia ' . The new songs from Tish are old-fashioned, take her subtle and sweet ode to her guitar, 'My Good Guitar': 'We've lived our songs in city bars, in hotel rooms and rental cars. You've been my sidekick above it all, my steady friend, my good guitar.

'West' is the return of a fantastic artist. Everything on the CD is perfect, the songs, the voices of Tish and Marvin and the accompanists, of which I Martin Muse (Steel guitar), Glenn Kawamoto (bass) and Rick Richards (drums). You can hear that the gentlemen have been playing with each other regularly for years, what a super set. The best country CD of the year so far, he does not want to leave my player. For the time being with number 1 for 2018. Who will beat Tish? Super! (Independent, Tish Records).

'West' marks the return of a great artist. Everything on the CD is perfect, the songs, the singing of Tish and Marvin and the music (you can say that people know each other very well, they often play together). The best country CD and my number one so far this year, who can beat this one?"