Tish Note Fall 2017

Dear friends,
First of all, I want to send out good wishes to everyone who has suffered through storms, the hurricanes and flooding from Houston to Florida, to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. To those who have had a terrible, hard time, the rest of the country are behind you and thinking of you, including myself and others in Austin, Texas. Recovery is difficult but that’s something we are all helping with, as I’ll mention later in this Tish Note.
I’m currently on my way to the recording studio and working on making a new record. I am super excited about it! I think you will like it very much, but that will be another story for another Tish Note because I want to finish this record and then talk more about it in the next couple of months.



In the meantime, one important subject that I need to bring up is the GoFundMe project that I had going over the summer to buy my parents’ old house where I grew up in San Antonio. It looks like that has fallen through. The house has been purchased and maybe the people that bought the house will want to do something with it and that would be wonderful, but I’d just like to say “Thank You” – a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated. Even times I was thinking about cancelling because it just looked like it wasn’t moving forward, I got lots of encouragement – to those people I send a big hug and so many thanks. I’ll be announcing this on the GoFundMe page as well as my website and Facebook page. Your money will be returned through GoFundMe and I will also be returning personal checks that were sent. Thank you so much again for the kind words of support and enthusiasm that I’ve gotten over the course of the summer.
I’m moving on to continue recording. I’ve been writing a lot this summer and hope to have the record out in early next year, but I will be setting up the necessary details to put a record out, so that’s going to keep me very busy this fall. I’ll be touring the Northeast in October, then the West Coast from the Bay Area up to Washington State later this fall. I’m hopefully performing as a trio with Marvin Dykhuis and Chip Dolan. If anyone reading this note knows of any dates for venues or house concerts that we can fill in between some of those scheduled West Coast shows, then it would be great to hear from you.

Lastly, concerned Austin musicians who wanted to help hurricane victims in Texas have put together a big fundraiser at Poodie’s Hilltop Roadhouse in Spicewood, Texas this coming Sunday, September 24th. Admission is $20, with all proceeds going directly to fund survivors of Aransas County. I will have my full band there with Marvin Dykhuis, Chip Dolan, Glenn Kawamoto and Rob Kidd on drums. It’s going to be a full day of so many top Austin musicians, singer-songwriters and artists and I’m happy that they asked me to participate. We’re doing our part as much as we can and I know everybody else is too.


Thank you so much and have a wonderful fall and you’ll be hearing from me very soon, gracias!
Tish Hinojosa