Tish Note Summer 2017 & GoFundMe for Tish Hinojosa's Home For The Arts

Hi Friends,

It has been a while since I’ve said hello from mundotish. I have been very busy with brainstorming creative, personal, practical, music matters and matters of the heart.

I have re-recorded my 1989 recording Homeland with some nice updated production and with a bonus track. It’s really nice! I also began writing new songs with a thought that I would release both records together. During the course of this process, something else kept gnawing at me. San Antonio is my hometown although Austin has been my business home base for the last thirty years. I have spent more and more time in San Antonio due to needs within my family. Often when I’m in SA, I take a drive to my old neighborhood to see the house I grew up in. I always feel a strong sense of nostalgia when I am there. My family spent 1965 through 1985 in that old house. These were my most memorable growing years from the age of ten to thirty. When my mom passed away in 1985, we had to give the house up. It has stood mostly abandoned for the past 30 years.

Earlier this summer, as I did one of my usual drive by stalkings, I noticed that it looked lonelier than ever. This prompted me to look it up in the county real estate market. I discovered that it would be up for sale soon. I was so excited! Although I don’t have the kind of money the present owner is asking, still, something keeps drawing me back to this place. It is funky and old, but it is pretty big and has a lot of promise.

To bring love, art, music, and joy back to this house and to this old neighborhood would be so great. I believe I am someone who can do that. What I lack in funds, I can make up with creativity. This is what my mom did when she owned the house. When times got rough, she rented out rooms B&B style, long before B&B’s were a thing. She made piles of the best tamales and Mexican cookies that she sold out of her kitchen at Christmas and holiday time. She turned our house into a convent for several weeks the summer of ’68 when a group of nuns from Mexico needed a place to stay while they were in San Antonio to learn English. (She even threw four of us girls into the package for tutoring!) My mom – Cuquita – loved throwing parties and loved singing and having anyone of talent entertain us after a great meal.

I decided to embark on a fundraising campaign to drum up friends, family, neighbors, fans near and far to help raise the funds to reach my goal of creating a space in a wonderful old house, in a wonderful historic neighborhood, where music, art, food, community, and fun can be enjoyed.

I hope you will want to buy into ownership and joy of this endeavor. I still plan on seeing the release of my upcoming recording works, however, time is of the essence with this project as I feel the breath of packs of developers against my neck with hopes to tear this lovely home down to replace with bland condos. It will mean the world to me and I thank all of you eternally for your consideration and support. Please visit my GoFundMe page and please pass the word. Let’s make this happen!!  Thanks so much and I hope to welcome you there!