Tish Note December 2017

Hey Friends!

Just want to send out Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings out to everyone. I hope you will have joyful, healthy, and safe holidays. 2017 was a challenging year in many ways - from suffering the sudden loss of a dear family member, to not succeeding at my GoFundMe campaign to try to purchase my parents' cool hundred plus year old house in San Antonio, to all the insanity going on in our country. However, despite the dark clouds, some rays of sunshine managed to shine through!

My sunshine occurred by just waking up one regular August morning with two things: 1) A bunch of country songs in my head, and 2) A flash of an idea to pull my severely mangled favorite guitar out of it's case in my closet, go to the hardware store for glue and wood clamps, and get to work on piecing her back together. (I think I'd been watching lots of DIY TV shows!) The result: A scarred but beautifully voiced guitar and a new record of thirteen songs, including one song dedicated to my sweet old guitar. Amazingly - as if the stars had perfectly aligned in my universe, my favorite studio and engineer were readily available, and, my line up of super musicians happened to be available too. Within two months, we completed most of the recording. Because of my fall touring schedule, I wasn't able to finish all the other necessary components that go into a record release before the holidays, but, I am looking forward to a winter/spring release. 

We'll be debuting the new songs at our January 27, 2018 Tobin Center show in San Antonio. I'll have the full line up of my studio band, including Marvin Dykhuis on guitars, Chip Dolan on piano and accordion, Glenn Kawamoto on bass, Gene Elders on violin, Marty Mews on pedal steel, and Rick Richards on drums. Of course, we'll play old favorites too, but I am super excited for you to hear our new songs! I'll make sure to have copies of the new CD available at the show. Later in the spring, summer and fall we will be touring around the U.S. and Europe. 

I feel it will be a good year. Thank you dear friends for your continued encouragement and support. It has helped more than you can believe. 

Let's carry the torch of hope for good things to happen in 2018!!