Greetings From San Miguel De Allende

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while since my last Tish note. It is mid-summer and it seems to be a pretty good one here in Austin. Last summer was not quite as fun. My quick departure from Germany during the last phase of finishing the CD “After The Fair,” and my life hanging on a heart-string between my Hamburg life and my Texas life, put a little (not quite so little), black rain cloud over my head for quite a long time. It has been almost a year since the release of the new CD, and it has gotten some good (many of them outstanding!) reviews from German Music magazines, as well as some also from the U.K. and the U. S. I hope this continues, and I thank Colosseum Records in Germany for their hard work promoting it. Also, my U.S. label, Varese Sarabande. Within it’s many facets, it is a recollection of my life in the old St. Pauli neighborhood in Hamburg with it’s grimy, rainy, melancholic old sailor bar kind of romanticism and beauty. The CD offers some bright sweet retro ghosts of the Beatles (who in the early 60′s actually romped over the same cobble stone streets I walked). It also includes memories of the dark Elbe river with it’s iceberg size container ships from distant countries, blowing their resounding fog horns in salutation, that I could hear from my home a few blocks away. All of that and more are at the heart of this record, and I feel a part of me will always live there.

As I write this, I am heading to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, for what will be a nice private concert for some friends. I will enjoy a few days exploring the city and it’s beautiful surroundings. I will report on this visit at the end of this note, as I’m sure I won’t finish it before I return to Austin. On the subject of Austin, this summer is keeping me pretty busy. I am wholeheartedly enjoying and taking advantage the cool stuff Austin has always had to offer: going out to listen to bands, new and established, sitting in with my singer-songwriter musician and band friends playing around town, leaping into the crisp coldness of Barton Springs in the middle of these hot summer days. Then there come the warm balmy nights alive with rocking sounds filtering out from the cool insides of the Continental Club, or sitting outside under the summer moon, enjoying a Mexican Martini on the Cedar Door patio. I missed all these wonders so much when living abroad. I’m happy to be wrapped in the midst and comfort of this vibrant city again.

From San Miguel De Allende: As I expected, the city is beautiful and friendly. Our hosts were so wonderful. San Miguel is magically slow-paced and easygoing. Now I understand all the hoopla. My sister Diana joined me on this trip and we have had so much fun. We even learned to play Bocci Ball – a skill, I have to boast, that I took to quite readily! I had no idea that I had a talent for it. We visited and hung out at the out-of-this-world home of artist and architect, Tim Sullivan, whose unbelievable house has been featured on Extreme Homes, both in Europe and in the U.S. One of the most fulfilling things we did here was visit one of a couple of orphanages in San Miguel. Tim’s wife, Nancy, took us to the girls home. My sister and I brought a bunch of kid stuff for them. I wish we could have brought tons more. We were received so enthusiastically. I could tell that these children were being cared for very well by the sisters that run it. The girls were so polite and sweet. One of the sisters brought out a guitar and I sang a few songs for them. An absolutely memorable visit. It was so touching to feel their happiness and excitement at our visit. I will remember this for a long time, and I hope to keep in touch with them.

Our time in San Miguel De Allende is about up. Although it is sad to leave, I am also looking forward to returning home. I have a couple of fun gigs coming up – and they are both free!! July 18, Marvin Dykhuis, Chip Dolan, and I will perform at the “Concerts Under The Stars” series out doors at the Bullock Museum. Carrie Rodriguez will also neon the bill that night! My set will be at 6pm. On July 25, Marvin, Chip, Glenn Kawamoto, and I will entertain at the Austin Visitor Center from 4-6 pm. I hope to see y’all at either or both events!

This summer has been a summer of challenges and changes for me. I’m getting used to a new me and liking it. I feel I am where I belong, and I am being welcomed back to Austin, and to Texas so warmly. I recently got a beautiful star on the Corpus Christie “South Texas Walk Of Fame.” That means the world to me. Thank you all for being so supportive. In my next Tish Note I will let you in on some new recording plans that are in the making.

Gracias and Abrazos,