September 2016 Tishnote

Hi Mundotish Friends,

If you’ve tried to visit you’ve noticed the website has been down. You also may be concerned that this coincides with a recent sudden illness and surgery that was announced on Facebook. In case you were worried, these two events are not related. Just bad timing- as both sudden illness and website shutting down never choose a good time.

The website: There was a problem with the original set up of mundotish from 1997 that was going to pop up one day, which did recently. It is not a simple process to fix and the site will be down a bit longer. However, my sharp team of problem solvers at the website – actually, a department of one genius member – Jacob – has figured a way around the problem for the time being. The domain name and will be the replacement website names for the time being. FYI: Since I own all the three domain names, you can always find me through and anyway. I might mention here a comment about my Facebook; is the official fan page. This is the page that posts upcoming dates, news and where I can connect with more fans! So please, “like” my official fan page as soon as you can, so we can all be on the “same page.”

Now that this has turned into more of a Tish Note, I’ll fill you in on my recent health scare.  Back in August, thankfully just after my daughter’s lovely wedding, I had to go to an emergency room with terrible stomach pain and nausea. I had never experienced anything like this so it was also frightening. It ends up that scar tissue from my terrible operating room abdomen surgery debacle of 2015 caused a major intestinal obstruction, which required abdominal surgery again. Although it was a painful and long hospital stay, I am recovering well and getting stronger daily.

I once again had to cancel some performance dates, and take time off to recover, but I hope to re-book those dates. I was able to perform again in Texas and locally last weekend. I’ll soon be hitting the road again! I’ll be playing in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado just in time for a beautiful autumn drive through the desert and mountains. Please check my schedule for these interesting shows. In November, I will make a short visit to play Club Passim in Cambridge, MA and Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and I’ll be attending and showcasing at the North East Folk Alliance conference in Stamford, CT. After all that travel, I’ll look forward settling home into a San Antonio and Austin Christmas with a few local shows.

Because of my health setback, I had to put recording projects on hold this fall. I am very excited to announce that there will be a re-recorded release of my 1989 Album Homeland, in late 2016 or early 2017. I’m working on a new Spanish record and a country record I hope to have released in 2017/2018. I am also planning a far west and mid-west U.S. tour, a European tour, and hopefully a concert in Korea in 2017.

We will be setting up a crowd funder to help us get the Homeland record finished. I will be announcing it very soon. I hope you will consider donating. The donation perks will be very creative, personal, and interesting. I believe you will find it fun to help fund!

Thanks very much for the well wishes and get well cards I received through my illness. They are so special to me and have really helped lift my spirits. I send a big hug and loads of appreciation for your continued support. I hope to see you at an upcoming show!

Abrazos, Tish

Summer 2016 Tishnote

Hello my mundotish Amigos,

Wow, I didn’t realize that I had not written since December. Thanks to all who left comments and likes. I appreciate that. At the moment, I am sitting in a very humid central Texas. A couple of years ago it was drought and really hot, then recently we got so much rain.

Here’s what’s been up with me: I recently completed a three-week solo tour of the mid-Atlantic, from South Carolina to Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed all of it, including some personal time in Washington DC and at the beautiful North Carolina coast. I apologize that I did not write my note before the tour to let the east coasters know. The time leading up to a tour is so time-consuming and busy that note writing flew out the window. All in all and luckily, many nice folks showed up to my shows and I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing long-time friends.

I have been attending Folk Alliance conferences the past few years again – the national FA, held in Kansas City, is great, and the regional ones are too. I attended SERFA (South East Regional Folk Alliance) for the first time in May in Montreat, North Carolina. These conferences allow singer-songwriters, venues, and associated acoustic music businesses to connect through showcases and workshops. It is a very fun, enlightening, and inspiring time. It is heart-warming to meet and listen to young and blossoming artists, as well as them learning from the wisdom and experience of us, um, more experienced artists. Through attending this conference, I hope to have established contacts for being able to play more concerts in the southeast/mid-Atlantic U.S. in the future.

As for projects and recordings – I’m working on two super interesting ones. I can’t say too much right now, but I promise I will let you in on my newest works in an upcoming note. This summer I will be mostly around Texas, recording and touring, because there’s some wonderful family stuff happening this summer. It is nice to stay close to home for a while.

In late August and early September I will be on a rather unusual but wonderful mini-tour of Portugal, France, and Spain. I’ll be singing with a choir from Denver at some beautiful locations in these countries. I loved singing in choir in high school. It will be so nice to join up with angelic voices again. Also, a couple of my sisters will be along, and these choir people are nuts! It is bound to be a memorable experience.

Coming up also, I have a tour of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico in October, and I will be in New England in November. Check for places and dates.

Well – that’s all the news for now. Thanks for reading this note. Comments are very welcome, and, don’t forget to visit my website store to purchase CDs which you can request to be autographed. Have a fun and safe summer! 

Abrazos, Tish

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday July 9th - The Bugle Boy - La Grange, TX w/ Marvin Dykhuis