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A Message from Tish – December 2014


Holiday Greetings!

Got my Arbolito up, favorite Holiday videos sitting by the TV, christmas lights hanging here and there, poinsetta plants centerpiecing my tables – Ah! It’s Christmastime!
I’m about to wrap presents, but I want to take a few minutes to send a warm hello and hug to all before the days get too crazy. Generally, this is my favorite time of year. “Every year brings it’s traces of dreams and embraces of Christmases past…”,( to quote myself from “Arbolito”), is a true phrase of what this season does to me. Each time I see my latest little tree, proudly chuckling at his attire, it always takes me back through memories of stand-out Christmases and/or Christmas trees throughout my life.
Here’s a good one: My mom LOVED the holiday season, and, as expected, loved big flamboyant Christmas trees. One year she got us one so big, it’s girth reached to about the middle of the living room. And it’s height, well, the top had to be bent over so the star, ( or angel – cant quite remember this detail,) was sideways crunched up against the ceiling. Given, we were not the Rockafellers and our living room was of modest proportions. Still, she didn’t care, and there we were, with the biggest christmas tree in San Antonio, making our living room look as if a forest had decided to leave the pages of a fairy tale and park it’s twinkly self nonchalantly in our midst. So there it sat, being the unavoidable focal point and center of attention of any and every guest who entered our house. Our dad grumbled,and we rolled our eyes, but, everyone made jolly comments, as everyone squeezed past the mammoth tree  toward the dining room, where noses led the way. All this time, you could hear mom’s larger than life voice and pots and pans loudly clanging.from her steamy kitchen. She, oblivious to the traffic jam in the living room, had us serving up those amazing tamales she was so famous for onto her prized silver trays, along with a quite punchy egg nog into her also prized crystal punch bowl and cups. Christmas was always her time to shine!
Yeah, I’ve got lots of sweet crazy holiday memories from way back and from more current years with my own kids that put a smile on  my face through this complex and beautiful time of year. I hope you all have fun memories to look back on with friends and family to laugh and share with, and many more to be created in the years to come.
May the biggest part of our joy and love spread from our hearts to every corner of our planet where it is so needed.
Paz y Amor always!

A Message from Tish – November 2014


Hi Friends,

As usual, autumn is a beautiful season that brings brilliant colors, nostalgic winds, and introspection to our hearts. Leaves float and fly and dance before us just before landing atop other leaves that flew and danced before them. Like the falling leaves, our days that have swirled through the months of this year have blown about, changing us a little each day. I believe this is what causes this time of reflection as we see the year nearing it’s end, wondering where we’ve been and what the new year may bring.
This has been a year of difficult challenges and sweet discoveries for me. My winter was cold, but through the months of spring into summer, I grew more comfortable in solitude, and even took a solo road trip across the picturesque southwest to the deep forest redwoods of California. That’s a lot of miles and hours for imagining, planning, scheming – and lots of space to sing out loud along with my favorite songs.
This fall, I am planning some interesting and exciting recording projects that I hope to sink into in the coming months. I will update as time will allow. I have some nice concert dates coming up round the corner in the Bay Area of California, then a nice swing through Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and of course, a gig in beautiful Chicago. I hope you will consider attending one (or more!). I will make sure to have copies of many of my CDs, and will include the special my latest, “After The Fair” and the Holiday CD too. (Nice Christmas present ideas!)
 I am enjoying the crunching leaves underfoot, conjuring up ideas for a festive holiday season, and counting my blessings of some of the best friends and family I could ever hope for. Thanks for being part of it!
Abrazos, Tish

A Message from Tish – July 2014


Hi Friends,

It’s been a while since my last Tish note. It is mid-summer and it seems to be a pretty good one here in Austin. Last summer was not quite as fun. My quick departure from Germany during the last phase of finishing the CD “After The Fair,” and my life hanging on a heart-string between my Hamburg life and my Texas life, put a little (not quite so little), black rain cloud over my head for quite a long time. It has been almost a year since the release of the new CD, and it has gotten some good (many of them outstanding!) reviews from German Music magazines, as well as some also from the U.K. and the U. S. I hope this continues, and I thank Colosseum Records in Germany for their hard work promoting it. Also, my U.S. label, Varese Sarabande. Within it’s many facets, it is a recollection of my life in the old St. Pauli neighborhood in Hamburg with it’s grimy, rainy, melancholic old sailor bar kind of romanticism and beauty. The CD offers some bright sweet retro ghosts of the Beatles (who in the early 60’s actually romped over the same cobble stone streets I walked). It also includes memories of the dark Elbe river with it’s iceberg size container ships from distant countries, blowing their resounding fog horns in salutation, that I could hear from my home a few blocks away. All of that and more are at the heart of this record, and I feel a part of me will always live there.

As I write this, I am heading to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, for what will be a nice private concert for some friends. I will enjoy a few days exploring the city and it’s beautiful surroundings. I will report on this visit at the end of this note, as I’m sure I won’t finish it before I return to Austin. On the subject of Austin, this summer is keeping me pretty busy. I am wholeheartedly enjoying and taking advantage the cool stuff Austin has always had to offer: going out to listen to bands, new and established, sitting in with my singer-songwriter musician and band friends playing around town, leaping into the crisp coldness of Barton Springs in the middle of these hot summer days. Then there come the warm balmy nights alive with rocking sounds filtering out from the cool insides of the Continental Club, or sitting outside under the summer moon, enjoying a Mexican Martini on the Cedar Door patio. I missed all these wonders so much when living abroad. I’m happy to be wrapped in the midst and comfort of this vibrant city again.

san_miguel_photoFrom San Miguel De Allende: As I expected, the city is beautiful and friendly. Our hosts were so wonderful. San Miguel is magically slow-paced and easygoing. Now I understand all the hoopla. My sister Diana joined me on this trip and we have had so much fun. We even learned to play Bocci Ball – a skill, I have to boast, that I took to quite readily! I had no idea that I had a talent for it. We visited and hung out at the out-of-this-world home of artist and architect, Tim Sullivan, whose unbelievable house has been featured on Extreme Homes, both in Europe and in the U.S. One of the most fulfilling things we did here was visit one of a couple of orphanages in San Miguel. Tim’s wife, Nancy, took us to the girls home. My sister and I brought a bunch of kid stuff for them. I wish we could have brought tons more. We were received so enthusiastically. I could tell that these children were being cared for very well by the sisters that run it. The girls were so polite and sweet. One of the sisters brought out a guitar and I sang a few songs for them. An absolutely memorable visit. It was so touching to feel their happiness and excitement at our visit. I will remember this for a long time, and I hope to keep in touch with them.



















Our time in San Miguel De Allende is about up. Although it is sad to leave, I am also looking forward to returning home. I have a couple of fun gigs coming up – and they are both free!! July 18, Marvin Dykhuis, Chip Dolan, and I will perform at the “Concerts Under The Stars” series out doors at the Bullock Museum. Carrie Rodriguez will also neon the bill that night! My set will be at 6pm. On July 25, Marvin, Chip, Glenn Kawamoto, and I will entertain at the Austin Visitor Center from 4-6 pm. I hope to see y’all at either or both events!

This summer has been a summer of challenges and changes for me. I’m getting used to a new me and liking it. I feel I am where I belong, and I am being welcomed back to Austin, and to Texas so warmly. I recently got a beautiful star on the Corpus Christie “South Texas Walk Of Fame.” That means the world to me. Thank you all for being so supportive. In my next Tish Note I will let you in on some new recording plans that are in the making.

Gracias and Abrazos,


A Message from Tish – March 2014


Happy Springtime Amigos! Here’s what’s new in my world…

Last month I attended Folk Alliance in Kansas City, MO. Folk Alliance is a folk/Americana music conference that takes place every year in February. It was so fun, I heard great music, made new friends and re-connected with old music friends. I enjoyed hanging out with fellow song-writers and friends, Curtis McMurtry, Bettysoo, Bill Kirchen, David Halley, Will Sexton, Jon Dee Graham, Michael Fracaso, Jimmy La Fave and discovered a great new band out of Colorado, “Bonnie And The Clydes”. And Al Gore made a super presentation. It was an amazing four days!

Tish-MonterreyAnother thing I did recently was visit Monterrey Mexico with my sister and some of our old high school friends. I had not been there in a long time and even then I was only there for a weekend. This time we went for a whole week. I wondered what we were going to do for seven days in Monterrey, I didn’t think there was that much to do there. Well, I was wrong! We visited the beautiful Horse Tail Falls (Cola De Caballo Cascada), toured an amazing cave, went up to Chipinque Mountain, had a nice boat ride downtown, danced our buts off at a 70’s disco event, ate some amazingly good food, and did some great shopping. The week just flew by. We had lots of laughs, had a great time, and met lots of really nice people. I know Mexico is having a lot safety issues these days, and people are being told not to go there. That is so sad. I traveled alone to Mexico City and Puebla in the last couple of years and everything was just fine. So, that said, I want to encourage you to visit Mexico. It is still  one of the most special, beautiful, and friendly countries in the world (maybe Mexico’s publicity bureau will read this and give me an honorary trip for the nice pitch I just gave!).






I was just in California to do some recording with my upcoming tour buddy and friend, Anny Celsi who lives in the L.A. area. We recorded one of each of our songs for a limited edition CD that we hope to sell at our European shows. We will sign and number the first hundred. We are very happy with our new songs and very impressed that we got the whole thing – recording, mastering, printing and packaging all done in about three days! Now I am back in Austin preparing for the tour. We are very excited about visiting London, Wales, Dublin, and Galway. They are all such beautiful and friendly places. We will also have two shows in Germany. The tour begins in London on March 30 at “Green Note,” a sweet intimate club in Camden (check out Anny’s website: annycelsi.com,  or the tour page on my website for dates and show info). Anny is a good friend and a perfect travel buddy. I really love her music (you can listen to some on her website). I think you will all agree. She set us up a special Facebook page for the tour. So, all you friends in UK, Ireland, and Germany, check it out. We will post photos and comments throughout our adventure. By the way, Anny will tour through Holland on her own after Germany. Her dates are posted on her site.

Tish and Anny

We hope to see you at one (or more!), of our shows, and bring friends! We’d love to see sold out shows. I hope your spring is springy, and that you are enjoying the blossoming flowers and trees around you!



A Message from Tish – December 2013


Hi and happy holidays to everyone!

I hope y’all are having a good time this holiday season. There is so much going on and it seems the days run by so quickly. I have been re-acquainting myself with the Austin live music wonderfulness since my move back from Germany last summer. I am enjoying having a long-time friend visiting Austin for the first time and we have been making the musical rounds: We went out to see Gary Hartman and Lone Star Swing band at El Mercado, James McMurtry’s midnight set at The Continental Club (followed by late night breakfast at Magnolia’s south), Asleep at the Wheel at The Broken Spoke, Marvin Dykhuis and Danny Britt  and their great band at Donn’s Depot. The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is beginning this week and there is LOTS of good music and shopping to be enjoyed there from now til Christmas. What a lucky town we are!

I will be joining in some of the musical happenings around the state this weekend. Thursday December 19, Marvin Dykhuis and I have a holiday and record release show in McAllen, TX at the beautiful and special “Quinta Mazatlan”. (Friday night we are going to drop in to Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison’s Christmas show at Gruene Hall on our way back to Austin!) Saturday Dec 21, I will have my own Holiday / Record release show in Bastrop at the lovely old Bastrop Opera House. I will be performing a special show for the kids in the early afternoon, then a regular concert with Marvin Dykhuis that evening. On Sunday Dec 22, we will be joined by Chip Dolan for the early (noon-4pm) at Gruene Hall. These shows are all different and special andI sure hope you will be able to make it out to one or all of them!

My new record (CD) “After TheFair” is selling well and it seems to be receiving a warm welcome. I just played some record release in-store performances at some great classic Texas record stores: Waterloo Records in Austin and Cactus Music in Houston, TX. I had small but fun tour in California in November with my friend, singer-songwriter Anny Celsi. Marvin Dykhuis was along and accompanied both of us beautifully. I am really sorry that the first part of the tour had to be cancelled. I got pretty sick and ended up in the hospital and had to cancel some dates that were booked with the wonderful musician, California’s Joel Rafael. I was able to pick up with Marvin and Anny later. Hopefully Joel and I can try again another time in the near future.

I loved my California to Portland tour and hope to reach other parts of the country a little later to introduce my new work. Hopefully I will get the NE and mid-west booked for spring and summer 2014.

love, abrazos, always,


A Message From Tish (October 2013)


Wednesday October 30 2013
Get Tish Hinojosa's newest CD, After the Fair

Tish Hinojosa – After the Fair

Fall back has changed in Germany, but not in the US yet, and has made my jetlag yet more complicated.
I just spent a week in Germany, and arrived in Austin, TX after 24 hours of traveling. This was a week of mixed situations and emotions. On one hand, the newly released CD “After The Fair”, which was released in the US in September on Varese-Sarabande Records, is soon to be released in Europe on the German label Colosseum Records in mid-November. Because it was my  first (long in the making) German production, including works with acclaimed producer Moe Jacksch, journalist/writer Detlef Diederichsen, and hosts of known German musicians familiar to the Americana scene, German media was ready to give it a better listen. Which it did, and therefore invited me to do some pre-release interviews for radio and print. It has been a long time since I have had press and promo days in Germany, since my first records released in the 90’s. Although the interest and attention was welcome and exciting, it was also sadly and strangely more of a farewell than a welcome.

I was actually in Germany to say goodbye to my nine year relationship with the country I tried very hard to love and be accepted by. “After The Fair” was one of my earliest compositions, written in 2004 with Detlef Diederichsen, one of the first musicians I was introduced to by my journalist boyfriend, then husband. The nine years of trying to be accepted and adapt to the culture took a heavy toll on both my self worth and ultimately on my relationship with a husband who’s own career proved to be inflexible and unwelcoming to outsiders.

All in all, I carry with me memories of dear friendships accumulated over the years there, both musical and personal. Places in Hamburg and particularly in the neighborhood St. Pauli”, that I was lucky enough to have been introduced to and got to live in – the birthplace of The Beatles and the painter SAM, and to the traveling fair called “The Dom”, which inspired the title track to my new record and the truth in the lyrics of falling in love to the sights and sounds of a very special, traditional and nostalgic old fashioned fair.
I truly appreciate everyone who has followed my journey over the years. I do believe “After The Fair”, in all its dark and lightness, is a piece of art you will enjoy. I certainly love remembering my slow running engine being turned on and prodded by the enthusiastic wild man Moe Jacksch and his amazing warm, beautiful, and creative circle of family who made me feel so special and welcome.

Please check my schedule for upcoming shows this fall and winter in the US. There will be a fun and exciting tour in Europe shared with my friend and wonderful songwriter-singer Anny Celsi and some amazing accompanists coming up next spring (March through May) 2014.

ALSO!!! Please click here to check out new merchandise: “After The Fair” CDs and cool new T-shirts and other special items (for Xmas gifts!),…plus New West Records will soon have the records “Taos To Tennessee” and “Aquella Noche” available on vinyl complete with bonus material.

I am available for house concerts and special private shows. Please feel free to ask!.

love, abrazos, always,


A Message from Tish (September 2013)


Hi friends,

It was quite a summer! So many things happened and I traveled so many places, it is amazing how quickly time rushed by. Early summer, late May, I played a few shows in Scotland and visited London with my friends singer-songwriters Anny Celsi from L.A. and Duncan Maitland from the UK. It was quite an adventure and Anny proved to be an excellent left side of the road driver! We are going to try for a more extended tour of the UK next spring. I got a bad bout of bronchitis while there, and ended up having to go to a hospital emergency room. The doctors and staff were so nice! I fell in love with Scotland then and there, and I know I want to go back and hopefully enjoy the beautiful country in better health next time.

In June, my daughter and her boyfriend visited me in Hamburg and we traveled together to Prague, where I had a really nice concert and we got to sightsee around the beautiful city for a couple of days. In July, I bade farewell to nine years in Hamburg, Germany and decided to make Austin my home once again. It is so wonderful to be in my familiar, welcoming, and friendly territory once again. I am so happy here again that I haven’t even minded the 100 + degree days. Austin is blessed with wonderful springs to cool off in, and I have certainly dipped in a lot! I visited Colorado, New Mexico, and Idaho for some very interesting and fun performances. It was also a good chance to visit my sister in Ft. Collins, and  we enjoyed a fun “sister” road trip together.

The big news now is the release of my latest CD – “After The Fair”!! Finally, after years in production in Berlin with my friend and producer Moe Jacksch, the CD was released and should  be in stores and online as of yesterday, September 3!  I am very excited about its release and am looking forward to touring and seeing where it will take me. The record is an interesting and ecclectic mix of new sounds, including a Spanish version of a song from my favorite Paul McCartney record “Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard”. My son Adam Hinojosa Barker makes a songwriting debut with a song called “Cobblestones”. This seems to be a big favorite, and I am very happy and proud for that. The title song “After The Fair” is a song I wrote early in my Hamburg time with the famous German musician and journalist Detlef Diederichson. I also included a beautiful song by Austin’s very own Matt (the Electrician) Sever.  The songs run from dramatic (“After The Fair”), to insightful ( “Deportee” sung in Spanish), to rock-a-billy (my song called “Doing What I Can), to fun and playful (“Infinity Times Ten”, and “I Saw An Alien” – a true story!! I’ll tell you about it at my show!) I have a new booking agent: Mike Drudge with Class Act Entertainment. So, if you are interested in seeing me in your neck of the woods, please suggest good music places and listening rooms to us.

I will be introducing some of the new songs at an in-store performance at Waterloo Records in Austin on Wednesday, Sept 11 (5pm). It is always fun to make the in-store visit to Waterloo. This will probably be my 15th or 16th Waterloo in-store. I went by there today to see the great Austin band Reckless Kelly introduce their new record. They sounded wonderful and I always know I am going to run into old friends, when I drop in.

Well, I gotta get to sleep … thanks very much for all your support. I hope you will buy and enjoy the new record. Take a look at my Facebook page and website for upcoming shows. I would love to see you!

Gracias and hasta luego,